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  1. I was just on YouTube and heard (ma Sheba ba) from dont mess with the zohan

    By the way funniest movie ever-and Ted that one is good too

    But back to the point you guys should hear ma sheba ba and/or watch don't mess with the zohan

    And also tell me a funny song you heard the other day
  2. Chickeneer has been keeping secrets from us. Like how his family is famous singers
  3. I didn't know Chickeneer had his own band.
    (EDIT) Ninja'd by BritBrit
    (Another EDIT) I am very disturbed by what i just watched in that first video.....i am going ot have nightmares about that.....
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  4. Lol, here's another, Monty Python. Warning: Mentions Transvestites.
  5. This reminded me of Rocky Horror Picture show.....
    That one song in particular (You know the one i mean.....the faithful handyman 'n' such ._.) I know like every freaking word to it because my mother sings it literally EVERY day....... i am probably going to end up scarred or something.....
  6. I love Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yeah I know which song xD
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