funny pictures of yourself or pet :P

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  1. hey guys post ur funny photos of your pets here!
    heres my labrador "metro" 308905_216365631758080_1967497992_n.jpg
  2. Gimee your dog. I want it.
  3. ill post him to u :p
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  4. Her name is Lua. She is a bit boring because she gets scared by everything since she fell from the table of the veterinary...
    HNI_0051.JPG HNI_0046.JPG HNI_0047.JPG
  5. How do you put a picture up?
  6. Upload a file
  7. oh i see, thx
  8. dogs 005.jpg Tehehe, this is my boxer :)
  9. dogs 006.jpg And this is my Great Dane :)
  10. so great
  11. :D they are my dogs at my dads house, at my mums house we got 2 small black cavoodles :)
  12. :D thx
  13. My two lazy bum kittehs: Simone, and Rudy.

    and my sweet boy, Winston
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  14. :3 this thread is revived!

    My 2 little Shih Tzus, approach with caution, they have been known to shower visitors with kisses!
  15. Why the thread revival after 6 years?
    y tho
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