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  1. Whats the funniest thing you or a friend have ever done on minecraft?
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  2. Would'nt say funniest, but biggest 'haha I told you so' moment.
    A friend had been bugging me all day cuz he wanted me to go with him to the nether. I kept telling him all day that I didnt want to cuz we'd die anyways. (No I dont spend much time in wildy or nether) But finally I gave in.

    So we finally left for nether, just got out from the protected-spawn-area, a ghast shoots at us .. My friend got hit and fell in lava, got angry at me blaming me for his death.
  3. Lol, nether story, so we go out, close to spawn, 3 of us, and find a lava lake blocking our path. Well, theres conveintly a dirt 1 wide path going across it so we start walking. A ghost randomly spawns in the render zone and shoots at us. I being the leader turn around, not having time to tell them to stop, and hit one of them. They are confused, and the second I had turned the ghast fired, hit me, and i fell in the lava. I lost my diamond sword and my dignity, because nobody else got damaged.
  4. Bahaha take one for the team Cravta :L

    Just chillin on forums, or got banned? lol
  5. Walking along my mineshaft. I somehow fall into a hole thats filled with lava
  6. Well, I was underground collecting some coal, iron, and other supplies. I must have been down there for hours until I think I hear something walking nearby. I stop mining and strain to listen, but it stopped. Thinking it just an enemy, I continue mining. About 15 minutes later, I hear it again only closer so I ready my sword thinking it a creeper.

    I start mining again after not seeing anything for 15 more minutes until this random dude comes falling through the ceiling right in front of me and taking all my mined coal! I was like "Hey! Fancy you dropping in!" LMAO
  7. got with skeleton die stack of 64 diamonds falls go all the way back to spot get diamonds on my way back get struck by lightning on last heart
  8. DAAAMMMN! That hurts dude...I would have been sooo angry. Did you get your diamonds back??
  9. Omg bro, you have more strength than I do. I would have recreated "The Angry German Kid" video lmao
  10. Lol, I made that path your were talking about. I made it to get to another island that had glowstone above it
  11. Thanks.....
  12. hahhaha i saw that video before
  13. Language.
    Exactly 64? Unlikely.
  14. My friend was mining for a while and had about half a stack of diamonds, on his way back he got killed by mobs and had no idea where he had been killed.
    Maybe 4 hours later my gf logged in to her account and went out into the wild, after a while she yelled across to me telling me she'd just found half a stack of diamonds along with some other stuff.
    Not sure if it was the spot my friend had died at but definatley a lucky coincedence if it was :)
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  15. Hmm...
    I can't think of the funniest, but let me tell you something frustrating.
    One time, when mining, I found Diamond Ores.
    But I only had a Stone Pickaxe :p.