Funny 911 Thread

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  1. Hello Empire Players. Lets hear some of your funny 911* prank calls. Lets try not to copy what someone already posted. Remember this is for fun. Happy posting. thanks :D

    Me; Calls 911
    911: Hello, 911. Whats your emergency
    Me: I cant take it, take it, take no more. Never felt like, felt like this before. Come on get me, get on the floor. DJ what you, what you waiting for.
    911: Uh. Sir are you feeling alright, have you taken anything.
    Me: Wait, i just called 911, right!
    911: Yes sir, is there an emergency.
    Me: Wrong number, bye. * Hangs up*
    911: Well then....
  2. 911 what's your emergency?
    I nailed my finger to a birdhouse accidentally
    Do you have some bacon (bacon?)
    Bacon, That's right
    I have bacon left over from dinner last night
    Rub some bacon on it
    On your hand just do it
    Rub some bacon on it
    That's all there is to it?
  3. Bacon!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  4. I just actually watched the video. Im scared for life....
  5. I have it on my mp3 player xD
  6. My god, this song is in my head now. Thank you stew for trying to kill my brain.

    RUB BACON ON IT!!!!!!!!
  7. I REALLY want to dial that number right now.....