Funniest nether fort adventure yet.

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  1. So I wanted to go to a nether fort. jarjarbinks and I went, traveled about 5000 blocks, and got there finally. We went into the portal, walked a few more blocks, and jar decided to poke a pigman. I think he died, because about 10 pigmen mobbed me. I jumped off the server as fast as I could. I am now waiting about 40 minutes for the pigs to forget it. I escaped with almost .5-2 hp. I don't know the exact amount however. There was also a ghast. :(

    What was YOUR funniest nether adventure?
  2. My Funniest was when Aikar broke the Nether and I had 24 ghasts outside my door.
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  3. ... Horrifying memories ...

  4. multiply by 6.
    Sadly, I cannot shrink them to fit.
  5. Oh yeah, almost forgot the door.
  6. 2012-09-06_22.09.56.png
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  7. There was the time I discovered that mushrooms grow on the top of nether bedrock.
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  8. I used MS Paint to cover up the coordinates, since that area is "private" in the sense that my friend and I are the only people that currently know about it. I just wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible. ;)
  9. I remember the ghast wars and seeing them destroy my portal. Btw, if both you and your friend leave the area by doing something like logging out, the hostiles despawn.
  10. I just meant keeping it that way as long as possible as in keeping it so that we're the only ones that know about the nether fortress. Not keeping it to where there are always 10 ghasts circling around us. :p
  11. NOT AIKAR.png
    Jk that was the nether event :D
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  12. Rule #1 of EMC: Blame Aikar.
  13. Turns out I died. : (
  14. My funniest nether trip was when steven7485 and I went to the nether... She died, then a ghast blew up the block directly below me and I fell 75 blocks to my death.