funnest thing in minecraft you have seen

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  1. Zombie_Villager.png
    this will be in 1.4 and so will angry villagers
  2. He stoke Steves clothes!
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  3. They will be like **** YOU
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  4. Now he is green, and he looks more like Squidward!!!!!!! xD
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  5. Well, this has already been out for a week... :p
  6. What do angry villagers do?
  7. They Hate you when you trade them and things that you do with them like **** them or be a ******* ba****** and kill them then you are a ******** ***** XD
  8. Uhh.. Thank you for the explination? Lol
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  9. XD
  10. You're like my friend... You know, when people sometimes go on random swearing streaks..... :p
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  11. That is a good explanation of my friends
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  12. Hahahaha my friend gets detention at least 2 times a week.. :p
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  13. ****
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  14. That is why he gets detention, and also what he says when he gets detention. Probably the word he says the most.
  15. Oh, and uh Epic, we should probably apoligise for hijacking DogsRNice's thread here. :/
    Sorry, DogsRUs
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  16. Sorry
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  17. Well, one is like: (this is in Dutch) **** **** *********** ******* Not putting this down... :p
  18. My favorite funny Minecraft story is when I was mining and a creeper popped out and startled me. I tried to switch from my pick to my sword, but accidentally also pressed Q, So I threw my sword at him instead. Stupid Q. Always making me throw stuff...
  19. Then change Q
  20. I know how to change my settings. I thought this was a "Tell a Funny Story" thread. So I told a story I thought was funny.