[FUNDRAISER] Post-A-Thon #SupportGRIP

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CoryLovesYou, Aug 22, 2015.

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  1. Details to be announced
  2. Having your content or general idea before making a thread is advised.
  3. But is stalking someone just to put down their threads advised?
  4. It's not, but that's hardly what he was doing. This is in recently active so everyone online is going to look at it just to see that they have to come back later because you haven't been bothered to write it up yet. Just put up the thread when you have the information, it's simple, really. :)
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  5. Uhm... I would've said the same thing...
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  6. This is a really good example of what he does, as well as what PenguinDJ used to do but recently cooled down with it. Anything I post that may be slightly flawed, or he is against he finds a way to bring negativity to it. Honestly the forums needs a damn block button.
  7. "Slightly flawed"? There's not even anything to look at here... Just please put the thread up when you actually have the information next time, thank you, it makes it much simpler, and it's very simple to do.
  8. Tbh I think you just don't like when someone calls you out, even if what you do is wrong... their is no proof of either of them stalking you, and I doubt they did.
  9. Go look at most of my threads.
  10. That doesn't mean in any way that they are stalking you, just watching your controversial threads.
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