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  1. Hello i just made a new theme park and i want u to try it this theme park includes A Roller coaster A food store and a parkour if u think i should add anythink else please tell me and if your having trouble tell me that to so i hope u like it and it is at the res 8960
  2. Oh yeh this is on smp 4
  3. Cool awesome
  4. It kind of looks like disney land with the castle there.
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  5. I guees it does look like disney land 2
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  6. Are you in need of anything in order to complete this project faster? I can offer you some great prices on a large variety of items... Just let me know ;)
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  7. I love the look of this.
    You are a good builder obviously!
  8. What is it? please pm me the details
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  9. Yea what is the Stads co?
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  10. Ahh I sense keen interest among you! I'll add a link to the site on the signature, Just click on the Stads Co bit ;) The website is still under construction as is the company... You can also follow this link:
  11. cool :D wanna team up with me?
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  12. Possibly... What can you offer us? Click Here to answer that!
  13. This res has a super cool roller coaster. Lots of tunnel and turns. I thoroughly recommend a visit! Two thumbs up :D
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  14. Thanls
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  15. Thanks
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  16. I have just finished my baby roller coaster that is proberly one of the fastest roller coasters in smp4 so have a try its above ground in the room made of snow and sand
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  17. Agree.
  18. Im trying to make a land in the sky for more fun activitys Plz give me any glass that you dont need and remember that The theme park is ALWAYS OPEN