Fun on SMP9

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Itaqi, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Edit: Pictures deleted, and whoever saw them and knows what was there, I am truly sorry.
    and If i am appealed, it will never happen again
  2. Lolwhut?
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  3. What? I don't even...
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  4. Haha cool I always miss out on this stuff :p
  5. You have revealed my secrets!!!!!!1111111oneoneeleventwelve :eek:
  6. Sorry to go off topic, but is that a item finder map on the left, as its only showing Glowstone, and it also says that at the top.
  7. It looks like it :confused:
  8. Woah! Secret party?
  9. Lol I wonder if that 'glowstone' can be customized to 'diamond'....
  10. And to think I donated to you. Cheaters discust me.
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  11. I heard that a bunch of mods were just online and editing spawn. Okay?....
  12. Either way it wont happen again, whatever it was...
  13. Off topic but is there a mod which shows dropped items, like an xray?
  14. So, you want to cheat.
  15. /Reports itaqi Weird item finding mod
  16. Ummm what?
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  17. He took some scr
    he took some screenshots of some party and he had a MOD that finds items(Just guessing ) and the radar thing said glowstone.. and it had an arrow to glowstone...

    Then he took a picture cause he noticed that people noticed he had a cheat mod.
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  18. Oh, didn't see the pictures.
  19. So he has a mod that shows the location of dropped items? why the pictures got removed then?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.