Fun on SMP1! Featuring IcecreamCow

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  1. Hello once again, EMC! I heard that ICC was on SMP1, so I popped by. I found him among a horde of cow lovers at the town spawn, and he was setting up cakes for some reason. I soon found that ICC was hosting a game, and I joined in. It's pretty simple. As many of you have noticed, in Town, your hunger occasionally goes down a half-drumstick before the regen kicks in. ICC took advantage of this fact to set up 3 cakes for each contestant. The first 5 people to finish all 3 cakes got diamond blocks, followed by gold for the next two, and iron for last. Naturally, we had to run around to get hungry!

    I took some screenshots as I ran like crazy. My cakes are on the very far left in the top pic.

    And here's my cakes in front of the sign I'm looking at!

    As the game went on, we had the first placer... and the second... and then, I finally finished!

    In this pic, you can see the Moderating Throne that Kells reported on and the 1st and 2nd placers. I'm also standing on a diamond block to show that I won one.

    We finished up right around sunset.

    For some reason, the player on the diamond block to my left disconnected right as ICC handed me my prize! It's visible in the hotbar.

    And here's me on a celebratory swim. ;)
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  2. I will likely do this again. It was fun.
  3. I know an easy way of getting your hunger down :)
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  4. Me also But I am not telling :p
  5. Do it on smp3 please
  6. He changed the throne to cake! Sorry for double pictures.
    This is all roblikescake's fault. Yes. Yes it is.
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  7. And I'm not selling this, for sure! I'll put it in a display case on my res. :D
  8. Hey!! Its me!! :D