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  1. Hello guys. I am doing a small project for history class, and I need ideas for it.
    The project is a campaign for me to be president. Fake of course.
    What I need from you guys are random funny names plus picture links for my cabinet.

    Make 'em funny :D

    Here is what I have so far, and Im adding on to it :D
    Department of Agriculture: Farmer Joe (http://postimg.org/image/5zxeevr3j/
    Department of Commerce:
    Department of Defense: Hugh Morris (http://postimg.org/image/z0usy4p9b/
    Department of Education:
    Department of Energy:
    Department of Health and Human Services:Seymour butts
    Department of the Treasury: Barks Scrooge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BarksScrooge.jpg)
    Department of Homeland Security:
    Department of Housing and Urban Development:
    Department of Interior:
    Department of Justice:
    Department of Labor:
    Department of State:
    Department of Transportation:
    Department of Veterans Affairs:

  2. Department of Empire Minecraft Funding
    Department of Economic Destruction (Aikar would like this one)
    Department of total war Fluffy Puppies
    Department of Justin Bieber Containment
    Department of Secret Stuff
  3. Funny, but I need names for the positons lol :p
  4. Links are not mandatory now :D easier for you guys !
  5. Anyone have just some random names that when inserted would be funny? I need to get dis project done!
  6. Department of the Treasury: AlexChance and xHaro_Der
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  7. Department of Agriculture: Farmer Joe
  8. Lol., nice, but my teacher/class wouldnt get it XD
    Im using this one for sure!
  9. Health & human services: Seymour butts
  10. Like dat one
  11. Any position: (your name) clone#42
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  12. adondrabkin: This is my project.
    Teacher: Wonderful. Who is your head of the Department of Health an Human Services.
    adondrabkin: Seymour Butts
    Teacher: ....
    adondrabkin: What?
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  13. Bump!!!! 2 more names needed!!!! I gotta finish this thang