Fully automated farms: pumpkin, melon, sugar cane, cactus, chicken egg

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  1. Anyone is free to come look at them, my residence is on SMP5, just /v jaqiefox

    I have no videos or pictures, because they would not let you see the workings well.
    I will be glad to answer questions about the devices, but be very aware of these things: I have no patience for stupidity, arrogance, or rudeness. Anyone asking questions that they could figure out on their own will be ignored (at least by me) and same with anyone being rude or arrogant.

    That having been said, I have striven to make them open and visible so anyone who can copy a design can copy them and have a fully working device.

    For now, when you visit my res, just turn right and take the 'surface tree farm' teleporter, or just fall down and wander on the surface to find them. The chicken egg auto farm is down below the surface, and is the second teleporter. There is also a semi automatic cacao bean harvester down there.

    On the far end of my residence is a work in progress (at the time of this posting) of a tree log stacker, meant to automate the collection of saplings (not done this part yet) and to stack the wood into one huge block for easy harvest.

    All of these machines are my design, though some are inspired from things on youtube and on other people's residences, I very much enjoy designing the workings myself so the mechanics of my machines are all original and self-designed. If you use my machine designs, all I ask is that you tell people you used my idea to make your farm when the subject comes up, that's all. If you feel inclined to give more, you can donate any rupees to me you think you would like to, but don't feel obliged to!

    As for questions why I didn't {x} instead of {y} or {z}, I built them to work how I wanted them. I often know of other methods of doing things but choose the method I want to use. Usually my credo is keeping it as simple as possible while making sure it works reliably. Think your way is better? I am quite open to discussing it, but keep in mind other people may prefer a machine with the same function to work differently than you do.
  2. sounds cool