Full Server, Donating and other suggestions

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  1. Hi everyone, its Echidy again. I am posting here to raise some attention about the following topics. I am talking about when the server is full, donating and any other things you guys want to be changed so post replies and lets make improvements!

    I know JustinGuy is working on the full server so no need for that to be discussed much but donating... yeah, A lot of people think its too much, I don't; I just think that there should be no subscriptions and there should be a higher priced one time donation. Then I and many others could and would possibly donate. I think everyone who has been doing subscription donations should get a lot of prizes and should become a 'Veteran' donator and gain a status of respect.

    Any other suggestions from you guys can be raised here, and by the way, this is a Formal discussion and I am not insulting the server owners and I clearly am not trying to say the server is bad, I am saying what could make the server better for everyone -Echidy
  2. It doesn't make sense to do a one time donation type of model because our costs are monthly. If everyone just donated one time we would be stuck in a bad place where we couldn't afford our monthly costs anymore. Servers that offer lifetime perks or membership for a one time donation are setting up for failure in the future. I can promise you that we are always looking to the future and want to provide the Empire for years to come :)
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  3. It is possible to donate a sum of money outright instead of paying monthly Echidy, if that's what you really want to do. I did that some time ago myself.

    And if you want perks for it, you can just consider it pre-payment for whatever level of supporter you like for an amount of time concurrent with the amount of money you gave.

    I see no need for any change in the system myself, especially since you can ultimately do it either way.

    And really, if you pay $30 that's 6 months of Iron membership. Are you even going to be playing Minecraft in 6 months? Maybe you will be, but maybe something else will catch your attention by then too.

    Supporters do get "prizes" by the way... in the form of extra rupees per day and access to several other nice things. :)

    Also, status and respect should never come from giving money. That is the root of corruption... or one of the roots anyway (it's a big ugly tree with lots of nasty, gnarly roots). True respect is never really gained from things like giving money anyway. It's gained from being the kind of person who is respectable. Pretty logical stuff here, lol.

    And status... well, I don't see any value in status myself. What is the true value of status anyway? What does it actually give us that we want?
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  4. I understand