Full Scale House!

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  1. Hey there its angel51050(Angel for short) from smp5! And as many of the residents would notice that I havent been on quite frequently, its mostly because I have been working on a full scale of the new home, hotel, and shop I am going to be building on my lot(11422) soon! Just wanted to see what everyone thought of it as I start building it on the server. :}

    Click here to see the images of the new house.

    Home Dimensions:
    L&W: 31
    H: 19

    Fountain Dimensions:
    L&W: 7
    H: 9(10 if you count the water)

    I would tell how much of each item I used but there is to much too actually count ^.^"

    I hope you guys like the house/hotel/shop and will visit it when its done! :}

    (sorry if this isn't the right why to show creations; this can be removed if need be!)