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  1. Heyy guys, after about two months of having it, i finally set up my radio station for you guys to listen to. We play a large mix of songs, if you have requests, please PM me on here. It should be up the rest of the night. Im still trying to set up the vocals, so i can talk, we will see how that goes. Lol. Anyways, enjoy! Send me feedback!

    Link: http://myradiostream.com/fullplay
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  2. I had my volume WAAAAY up loud, and when the music came on i jumped in my chair xD
    EDIT: when you mean PM, do you mean starta convo. on the fourms or in the comment section?
  3. Start a convo please :D
  4. Nice! Play some more marley, everyone likes him. If i may suggest his song: "Be Happy"
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  5. Got it man, itll be after Whistle! Hopefully, Mystul and i are getting together sometime to do a host thing.
  6. Jk i lied, itll be three little birds
  7. Oh, any requests made on this post, or PM me, will be put into a special playlist called "Empire Songs" So only songs YOU guys want will be on there!
  8. Where can this playlist be found on the station?
  9. Well you guys dont have access to this playlist, it will play over the radio when there are more suggestions.
  10. aha
  11. For now, im having a Skrillex segment.
  12. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
    The Scientist - Coldplay
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  13. Any Hellogoodbye or Paramore would be great!
  14. Song suggestion-
    Two words:
    Thrift Shop
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  15. Thats next my friend!
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  16. I didn't think it would happen... but here it is. Time to find out what the fuss is.
  17. Lol what?
  18. Thrift Shop.
  19. Macklemore, you heard it?
  20. Now I have. That was awful... ;_;