full gold armor, half enchanted for sale

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  1. the helmet has projectile protection IV and respiration III and the pants has blast protection II
    and then there is a shirt and shoes in gold not enchanted. please leave a bid
  2. Sorry to tell you but gold stuff SUCKS. Don't expect to get much.

    50R just for the hell of it.
  3. Since I'm the only one who has bid. Meet me at my lot on SMP3 when the sever updates.
  4. no youre not gonna get it u didnt bet ubove the retile price
  5. You didn't post a starting price. It is mine.
  6. retel price is 200
  7. no one will pay that,gold sucks
  8. I'll go for 200r.
  9. terr ur scamming urself
  10. seriosly must bet at least 20+ over last bid
  11. sorry guys bid is over i sold it n server