Full Enchanted Diamond Armor

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  1. Selling a full enchanted Diamond Armor :
    Helm : Protection IV & Respiration III
    Chest : Protection IV
    Legs : Protection IV
    Boots : Protection III
    Extra stuff : Efficiency III Unbreking III FREE!
    Starting Bid : 5000
    Minimum bid incresements : 500 rupees
    Auction Ends 12 hours after last bid.

  2. You should make the startin bid lower
  3. I have Diamond legs projectile Protection IV :3

    if i actually like diamonds in general then i'd buy it.
  4. New Starting price : 10000
  5. hmmm
    20000 rupees
  6. Oestenspandekage is in the lead with 20000 rupees
    Keep offering
  7. Lols. instant 20k. Lucky u faith!
  8. Oestenspandekage have pulled hes offer back so we are at :
    10000 rupees
    Extra enchanted Diamond Pick have been thrown in the deal
  9. You can't pull your offer back. It's against auction rules. Once you bid, u have to keep that.
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  10. To quote the EMC auction rules:
  11. IM going bed ill let this go for 12 hours more :
    NEW STARTING BID : 5000 rupees
  12. From your diamonds aye? ;)

    Next time Faith, please read the auction guidelines. :)
  13. Already sold it in-game for 9k sorry i will ask a moderator to close this thread