Full Diamond Armor Set With High Enchantments

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  1. Unused diamond armor set, including:
    diamond helment - Fire Protection IV, Respiration III
    diamond chestplate - Fire Protection III
    diamond leggings - Fire Protection IV
    diamond boots - Feather Falling IV

    Life saving diamond armor
    -you wouldn't drown so easily.
    -lava won't burn you as it usually does, you are almost fire-proof.
    -less fall damage, defend up to 2 hearts.

    Starting bid: 3500r
    Increments: 200r
    Rupees only, you cannot bid on a single item, if you bid you must take all items.

    Bidding will close after 24 hours since the last bid, I will set up a chest for the winner at my SMP4 lot, if the winner does not pay he will be excluded from further auctions. Do not bid unless you surely pay.
  2. 4000

    Edit, Whats the Buy-out price?
  3. No buyouts, last bidder can be sure he wears the armor.
  4. Lol?
  5. Now now Nurgle no need to be hasty, 12k
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  6. Hour and a half remaining.
  7. Sold! bownzxx666 won the armor!