Frustrating day minecrafting ends in lava spawn

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FooHundred, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. After a frustrating attempt trying to get a grinder built in a far away location (which included my nether portal deep in the wild transporting me back to the south spawn upon re-entry?) minecraft deemed it necessary to repay my effort with a lava spawn and loss of a complete inventory.


    As Justinguy beautifully put it - "in Empire Minecraft, the server trolls you.

    You win this battle server, ill be back after i've licked my wounds :mad:
  2. You shall have ur revenge. The dark side is strong within u.

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  3. Connecting to
    Access complete...
    Welcome JustinGuy...
    Command: /player FooHundred troll face
    Sending command, please wait...
    Command sent...
    Server response: Troll Achieved
    *sits back and relax*
  4. I blame you hasorko as i was trying to copy your awesome wild camp idea, im now building a death star on my property and its aimed at aniyuma :D
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  5. I don't know about the lava spawn, but if your portal was built too close to another one, it will spit you out back at the first portal when you leave the nether. I hate it when that happens :grr:
  6. ok that must be why i ended up back at the spawn, guess i need to move further out for my first portal, the lava spawn happens a lot when i'm in the nether probably due to my rubbish connection
  7. If you set up a tunnel like you did before i will pay you 10k and won't blow up aniyuma with my deathstar :)
  8. I know how ya feel. Mining in the cavernous deeps I fell into lava whilst I was collecting Obsidian. Lost a diamond pickax, 5 diamonds, all of my armor, my coal, my torches, and pretty much everything I had... I was upset, to say the least. :mad:
  9. I feel your pain foohundred I was on my server and got spawn camp at my nether portal all I could say is "perm-ban" :D