Frontier horse track

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  1. we are currently working on a new project which is a large horse track out in the wilderness. so far we have cleared a good chunk of land but we nee volunteers to help us finish. we will hold races here often and the track will be open for public use once complete. anyone who would like to help out come to the smp4 frontier center, the land is close by.

    Iron shovels will be provided but you can bring better tools.
    The whole project is being supervised by Tim.
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  2. You have optifine, but have 27 fps? That is some messed up stuff right there
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  3. my computer sucks despite the fact that its brand new and the guy said it was good for gaming.
  4. I know the feeling :/ but I'll help :D
  5. With 500mb allocated to Minecraft... its never going to be good... I dont know why it is allocated so low, either you set it that way, or your computer only has 500mb.. .which honestly.. should not be the case if the computer is newer than 2002.
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  6. why is this thread about my computer now?
  7. How do you change the allocated memory?