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  1. These are a few choice photo's (out of thousands) from my travels over the years. Only three are not taken by me, obviously the ones that have me in them :p All straight from the camera with no edits.

    Several camera's used including Nikon D5 / Nikon D5000 / Nikon D80



    View from my barracks room

    Field Training



    Random (All from ohio except the last one)

    At my job training in Maryland

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  2. Hey these are awesome! Where will you go next?
  3. Wherever the military takes me :p Trying to get stationed in Germany for my first overseas tour back.
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  4. I know this is an old thread, but it's mine so deal with it :p

    A bit of an update, I am now stationed in Korea for a year. Going to post what pictures I can, but that may be limited since there is a lot over here I can't take pictures of for reasons of National Security and all :p
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  5. Army? :]
  6. yup
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  7. Handn't seen this thread yet, love the pics - also thank you for your service :)
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  8. Awesome photos. Really enjoyed them! Thank you for your service! :)
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  9. Np, was so fun the first time i picked a different branch and signed up again :p
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