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  1. A small crowd gathered on SMP4 as the sun rose on a beautiful morning in EMC.


    It was another round of “The Hottest Game in Town”
    Fire Floor


    But it was earlier that morning when onlookers were witness to another EMC memorable moment as Dwight5273 cemented his reputation in Town as Dwight the Merciful when he was seen sharing crumbs from his table with some of the small folk

    However, it was during the winner’s presentation when Dwight5273’s reputation appeared sullied as he was seen watching margaritte fall to her demise after allegedly pushing her from the block.

    margaritte, of course, survived the fall and quickly came back to forgive Dwight5273 and present MrSpazzmo with his prize earning her the title of margaritte the Merciful. Dwight5273, however, is now known as Dwight the Unnecessarily Rough
    Let’s not feel too bad for Dwight5273 though. After a photo was taken of him “twerking it up” at a recent Mob Event it seems he is relieved to be no longer known as Dwight the Miley
    (Photo censored for decency)


    To All involved
    Love your work. These were both great events and I look forward to more

    To Dwight5273
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  2. Lol, love this xD Get me a love this button stat!
  3. lol holy I am in the last picture with my old skin xP