From Mojang: Houston We Have A Problem!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Due to issues from Mojang, all Minecraft servers are down at the moment. Just wanted to inform everyone why they can't join.



    Hi Guys,

    We are aware of the security issues involved with the Minecraft authorization servers and are currently working to fix it.

    Right now the authorization servers have been taken offline and will be down until further notice. The Mojangstas are working hard to make sure we get everything back to perfect working order.

    We’ll keep you updated as we have a more clear timeline. We really are sorry about this and are working as fast as we can!

    Happy Sunday :)
  2. wow whats your time prediction on this one?
  3. Your guess is as good as ours. Since it's not something WE can fix, we have to wait for Mojang news. Seems we have a few people who are on it following tweets and such though, so I'm sure we'll get updates to this thread as they come.
  4. ok thanks ICC
  5. backtothefuture.jpg
    ^We need to Build this right now :p
  6. damn, gotta feel sorry for notch and the team.
  7. They are making progress.
  8. Notch has recently tweeted that xlson is making progress. Not really sure what that means though.
  9. im still online?
  10. he is a mojang developer
  11. This is just preventing people from logging on to servers as the Mincraft login servers are down, not the EMC ones. If you're still online, you're fine. Just don't D/C.
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  12. Lol yeah I know that. I meant, how much progress can he have made?
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  13. well time to buy a new game from steam
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  14. well if you log off, you wont be able to log back in. Its only the ability to log into multiplayer servers that they have taken away.
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  15. well by the looks of one of his posts, it may be a while before its fixed
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  16. thanks a lot icecreamcow! im likw ummm since whn is there an error message too long to read when im not allowed too log on? xD well thanks i thouhgt i got banned lol! ;)
  17. Yay Im On!! :D SMP4!!
  18. Which post?
  19. Servers are still not online unless you were signed in before they were turned off.
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  20. They better be on soon! :D
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