Froggie2100's Variety, Specialty and Fish Shop!

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  1. Welcome to Froggie's
    In search of an odd item or have a wack shopping list? Froggie's Variety Shop will be your answer!
    What's at Froggie's Variety Shop?
    • Animal spawn eggs of all kinds from farm animals to nether creatures
    • Building basics
    • Duration 3 rockets
    • Crafting supplies
    • Nature items
    • Food items
    • Colored terracotta, wool, glass and concrete powder
    • The Nether items
    In need to fill the hole in your life with Fish? Froggie's Fish Shop has all that your fishie friends need!

    • Full show tank of fish (must PM me for fish)
    • Live Pufferfish
    • Kelp
    • All sorts of coral
    • Buckets of Cod
    • Sea Pickles
    • Sea Lanterns
    Need to acquire something a little special? Some ritual supplies? Fancy deco? Stop be Froggie's Specialty Shop!

    • Inventory in the Specialty Shop changes often however you can look forward to seeing items such as ore blocks, compasses/clocks, ore horse armor, potions, enchantment books, discs, ect.
    All parts of Froggie's Shops have amazing prices that can't be beat! Come on down!
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  2. Froggie's Specialty Shop is now selling new shulker boxes only for 1750 r!
  3. and where's this shop at? Wouldn't mind swinging by and seeing what you got, especially Nether items.
  4. My shop is located on SMP6 /v Froggie2100