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  1. Hey everyone! I am just here to suggest a friends list!

    Well the friends list should be added because people should be able to list who they really are, and arnt friends with. In chat people could have their name i dunno Yellow, saying, there your friend.
    The commands could be...
    /friends - Shows your current friend list.
    /friend add *Username - Add Player to friends list
    /friends *More then 1 name group chat - puts all players listed into a chat channel.
    /friends help - shows commands
    this is just a suggestion that would be really cool! I hope you consider it!
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  2. You do not know how many times my friend has said this to me
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  3. yes
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  4. So ICC , is this possible to add to EMC? I'm sure a lot of people will be happy. If this is not possible, please tell me why, I'm sure I'll understand.
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  5. This is a good idea!

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  6. Me likings. It may spark some slightly awkward situations but I do like the chat channel.
  7. This has been many times suggested, so . . .

    HOW ABOUT YES!!!!!!!
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  8. Just yes. But how about these commands (some may be the same):

    /friends (shows online friends on that server)

    /friends [server] (shows friends on a different server

    /ch f (chat with all of your friends on that server)

    /friends request [playname]
    PenguinDJ has requested you as a friend.
    /friends add penguinDJ
    /friends deny PenguinDJ

    /friends drop PenguinDJ2 (PenguinDJ2 is no longer your friend)

    /help friends

    I may edit this...
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  9. There is a mod called Friends overlay, you can use that. Maybe?
  10. its a harder way of doing this because you have to have mod loader and dat stuff
  11. Something along these lines (but def not exactly as your requesting) is planned, but itll be quite a bit more traditional than that.
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  12. It's a good idea, but I like to think that everyone in the Empire is my friend except banned players >:O
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  13. Let's assume you're a friend of mine, and I'm a friend of yours. However, we both have other friends as well, and those are not the same. Let's call my other friends A & B and your other friends C & D. When I type in the /ch f channel, my text will go to A, B and you. When you type, it will go to me, C & D. Obviously, this becomes even more crazy when we bring in A, B, C and D's friends and they start typing as well... any thoughts on how this would work, exactly? :p
  14. Friends Overlay Mod. It's awesome.
  15. Great idea, Hope this gets put in in the future.
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  16. chat only with your friends? You make a good point
  17. Maybe like . . .

    /c add [player]
  18. I like all the ideas, hopefully this does get added into EMC because as the first person to comment said, his friend says it all the time, me and my friend do too! Sorry I can't go up to top of page 4 name because I'm on phone, thanks!!
  19. I'm liking all the ideas, great feedback, Aikar, could you please keep us updated? Thanks!
  20. Until this is/if this isn't made, there's two great mods that you can get to do a similar thing:
    • Friends Overlay Mod - As mentioned by the others, you almost get a social network inside Mine craft.
    • Macro/Keybind Mod - Something like $$f can be used to open a friends list, which you can configure using various macro keys to fit to your needs. :)