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  1. So for a while probably most of you have a best EMC friend this thread is about how different would your EMC experience be if you never met them or they never joined how much woulda changed how much building would've never happened how much exploring would you do.
  2. I have no friends.
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  3. People may think of you as a friend :D
  4. You are beautiful in every single way, the world can't turn you down! Oohoh.. You are beautiful! In Every Siiingle waaayyy!! The World can't turn you down!!!!
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  5. tomtark123, Apocryphan, nfell2009 (banned)
    These people got me to comeback to EMC and stay for longer than I probably would have :D
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  6. random610

    he convinced me to ask my parents to get diamond, which resulting in me getting it for 3 MONTHS and possibly getting it AGAIN!!! XDDDD

    EDIT: and much, MUCH more, but im too lazy to, liek, type it, and, liek, think of it, soo...

    yeah XD
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