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  1. In /pvp@fair you can not wear any armor. Just a reminder as Im seeing a lot of players wearing it during the fair battles.
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  2. Hi! thank you for posting this!
    since the area doesn't say no armor! when they get in the room, the new players may think it's allowed? (I know it says no armor in front of the room) Players may think it doesn't matter if they wear armors or not because the damage is the same (that's how I thought the room works)

    Also, it says no items, and I asked players if I can use weapons since the damage is the same, and the answer was yes. (until I ask this, I wasn't sure)
    then how about foods? can I bring food to recover the hunger?
  3. I've seen people bringing in food and weapons but armour was a big no-no - I think it depends who is playing the game usually, many tend to take it as just no armour but I'm sure some people take it as literally nothing at all (we've been fine today with weapons but no armour, with moderators etc too)
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  4. I decided to test out armour in a pvp battle in fair the other day. Its almost impossible to get killed =P
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  5. Technically armor isn't supposed to be used. There are signs that say that items are not allowed. However, whether people bring armor or not isn't supposed to make a difference.

    There are three minor bugs in the fair arenas:
    • Thorns works
    • Fire Aspect/Flame work, to an extent
    • Knockback works
    And one major bug:
    • Static damage doesn't account for armor. It's nearly impossible to kill anyone with armor.
    Hopefully these bugs will be resolved soon and players will be free to bring any armor they want into the arenas...
  6. We should have a PvP arena where everyone goes in with no armour, weapons or food whatsoever. Players just punch eachother to death. That would be fair. I think. :confused:

    It'd be the only PvP Arena I'd have a chance of winning in :(
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