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  1. Hi all :3. Thought I may as well post one of these, but I'm not sure how long I've been playing here, but I've been playing Minecraft for a looong time.. xD.

    smp3 is where I'm at. I have no plans for what my residence is going to be, I'm making it up as I go along. On the look-out for mining buddies, but I do already have the best one around. :p

    Also on the look-out for paid jobs, dirt clearance and tree cutting. But I don't want to be paid by the day or the hour, but by the block... <_<
  2. Ow, Hi! Haven't seen you around!
    Plus - Why do you need a job if you are a diamond supporter?
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  4. Diamond supporters get quite a few rupees yes, but what's wrong with more? :)
  5. Now here is the problem with that. You can easily scam people like that. Unless they have the precise calculations done, they wouldn't know how many blocks. Or then there are random block amounts like trees that can't be calculated. So this could mean you just waltz in with your own blocks and get paid for them. So just stick with hourly pay or by the job pay. It is also not up to you to decide also. It is up to the person asking for your help.
  6. Someone said "Clear this dirt, 100r a day." I did it in 45 minutes, so only got 100r D; ..

    I was hoping that anyone that wanted to hire, we'd sort out the specifics, one on one. Or sure, depending on the task it'd be hourly rate... but if I work for 27 minutes and then have to leave suddenly for work, must I time it exactly to 33 more minutes? It's just inconvenient...
  7. Hey handsome :3
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  8. I feel a need to explain, after being harassed by someone today. I'm not *the* Mynnion. Nor am I the original owner of this account. But the guy that bought it, and the guy that generously paid for my diamond, allows me to use this. We're good friends, we've always been good friends, and he has ideas that he tells me, and then I make stuff, because I'm able to. And he's not.

    Some a** trolling me, saying that I wished I was straight, that I was creepy, that I have mental problems, that he knew about me. There is nothing about me on the internet. There is my friend, the *real* Mynnion, but there is nothing about ME. This is all you will know about me.
  9. Currently doing projects, check back later.. xD