Friendly Mobs

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by DeathStalker456, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Is there a bug with friendly mobs. I am losing all mine sheep, cows, pigs, and some villagers. I had them all penned in, walked 50 blocks away and when I came back they are gone.
  2. Have you stolen it from someone else residence? If not then its a bug
  3. this is in the wilderness.
  4. Oh yeah. Due to lag Aikar(Owner) coded it to despawn
  5. Is that for the wastelands or frontier or both? Than what good would building a base in frontier be if all your animals always despawn?
  6. No animals do not auto despawn in wild. It is possible you had over 250 in the area and it caused them to despawn due to being over the limit?
  7. Oh ok. How big of an area does this 250 mobs limit cover?
  8. A chunk
  9. What is a chunk? I'm new to minecraft.
  10. A 16x16 area from bedrock to sky limit.
  11. Ok. Thank you now I know how much area I have to light up to keep hostile mobe from spawning.