Friday SMP6 PvP [2015 Edition]

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about a super fun event, and I'm hosting it! It's every Friday, so this Event is today! I just decided to post it early. I know, there's Friday Night Miners. This event won't inter fear with it, this whole event will be at a different time. Check down below to see everything. Also, just remember, this is a PvP Event, not Friday Night Miners. Don't want you to them up.
    Event Information:
    Time: 5:40-6:00 PM EMC (Server) Time (That means my time.)
    Where: SMP6, PvP Arena. Then, go to the sign that says pvp@red1. (/smp6, then do /pvp.)
    Person hosting it: HelloKittyRo (Diamond Supporter, Female.)
    Who: Anyone is invite, you'll be invited to a group. Just tell us if you would like to do this, and we'll invite you to the "Friday SMP6 PvP" Group.
    What: We'll be PvPing. No mining or anything like that. You're just supposed to PvP.

    Things to Remember:
    We will not be giving you gear, so don't ask us for any. You need to have a supply of your own gear. If you don't have any armor, or have no rupees, We suggest you don't come so you don't keep dyeing over and over again. Also, every year the Thread message will change. By all meaning, It says "2015 Edition" at the top of the Thread. Next year, we will make a new thread and it will say "2016 Edition". Also, this is not like any ordinary event, at the end, We have a duel. The last 2 people standing get too fight each other. Who ever wins, gets 1,000 rupees. It's a very easy challenge. Say, I win. Then I keep the rupees. (We don't do this every time, We only do it on holidays.) Also, we have some rules! Please keep reading on to see them. Rules; When you kill somebody, don't say HAHAHAH I RECKED YOU! It's incredibly rude, you will be banned from the group if you say that. Also, do /c g if you're in the party. (/c g means Chat Group.) No being mean if you kill somebody, that could also get you banned from the group. Well, the last rule is.. have fun!! Also, if you have to leave early, please exit the group with with /group leave and then disconnect. If you re-join while the event is still happening, we are sorry we can't invite you. They event is already happening, and I'll be PvPing. So, I recommend if you have to leave early, don't come. Also, we don't promise this will happen EVERY Friday. We'll try our best to make it happen. Anyways, We hope you come to this event! If needed, Thread will be updated with more information. Thanks for reading!!
    From, HelloKittyRo (Return button glitched, ending could not be made properly. This will have to do, also, look in the comments section, there's one more piece of information. Check the first comment, that's the one you to check.)
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  2. Also, I forgot to put this in my Thread, but, In the comments section (The section you're reading this from.) if I can't do this event one day, I will put it in the comments section. Sorry, I forgot to put this in my Thread. But hey! Now you know! Edited Part: Also, Please reframe from bumping. It's a bit rude to do it. Edit #2: This comment will be the comment I post in to give out information, so always look at this comment to see for any updates. Edited #3: Upgrades will happen in events, by all meaning, Upgrades to the Event will happen. (Example: We may change 1,000R to 2,000R to the winner of the duel.) This will not happen, or we are not sure it will. Edit #4: Looking for Donations to hold up the Event, please leave down in the comments if you wanna donate and how much. (This is what you do: You leave down in the comments saying this: I wanna Donate, Here's how much! And after that, you put $(How Much). Please give us $50 or more. If you give us $49 or lower, you may get in trouble. It's a silly vote, It shouldn't happen.Edit #5: A Tie-Breaker is a round where 3 people (or more) fight. It's like a duel, except with more people. Also, Color will be edited Tommorow, I'm doing this on my iPad.
  3. It's hardly worth winning if all you get is 100r......but I'll be able to come ever other Friday :)
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  4. Dont think I can make it this time, will be on vacation.
  5. If you want more people you should raise the winnings. 100r is an equivalent of a penny in lots of people's minds
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  6. I am not saying that you should give away all your money, but you get 9100r a week automatically.

    Are you using EMC time when you schedule the event, or your own local time?
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  7. Ok good. In the past, I know many people have been confused with your events because they happened several hours earlier than was stated.
  8. That's great that you can come! But, I raised it to 1,000R. Is that good enough? It better be cause I'm not raising it again. Also, Don't ask me to again. It's a bit RUDE when you do. I'm trying to do my best to handle this event. Also, please REFRAME from bumping, please. You'd know if you had read the first comment.
    Awww, that's too bad. And, it's also sad. Maybe you can come anther day.
    I know, Chocolate800's Comment was about the same thing. Please look at Chocolate800's Comment. That's my reply to you too. (For message you sent in the comments section and the one I'm replying to right now.)
    Question #1: Yes, I know. Please look at Chocolate800's Response from me, that's my response to you and TigerStarMC. Also, I don't wanna waste that much, I'm working on 4 projects. Thank you for understanding.
    Question #2: It's in the Thread, and it's EMC (Server) Time. (My Time.)

    Also, this comment was made, all HelloKittyRo's Comments' were deleted and turned into this, she she doesn't wanna spam her Thread.
    (Highlighted Parts=Important)
  9. i think this is an awesome thing your doin and i'd be more then happy to donate 1000r so the winner could get 2k instead of 1k
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  10. Awww, that's sweet! So, can you donate or nah? Because, well, the thing is, I need Donations.That would help if you donated.
  11. I was just making a suggestion so more people can come actually. I wasn't demanding you to raise it.

    Please try to just make the letters in bold instead of in caps. It feels like you are yelling at me when you do that. I am sorry if I did bump it too soon, but I found the thread from someone liking a post or you, yourself, bumping it.

    Also, I'm very sorry but I cannot attend. I promised my cousin I would do stuff with her around 5:30 EMC time.
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  12. Ok, Sorry if I was being rude. And Ok, that's fine if you can't come.
  13. What if there is an odd number of people for dueling? :p

    Sounds great! Although Friday, I am usually busy. If I can make it, it will be fun! (Luckypat prepare for doom ;))
  14. Sounds awesome! And if they're is a Odd Number, There will be a tie breaker round.
  15. Looks like I'm gonna be waking up at 5:30AM just to come to this event now... totally worth it. =D
  16. all the shiny text (i'll be there sometime)
    Guys, this Thread is to tell you all about donations. (Sorry, Thread! I mean comment!) If you would, I would like donations to keep the Event going. It won't last very long without donations. Please consider donating if you can. This will help the Event grow and spread. Please donate. If you donate, You will be sponsored at the event and on this Thread. This is what we'll say for the Thread: Thank you, (Username), for donating (how much money)! He'll be sponsored for the day!! (Where just using he) Also, that is what we'll do for the Event also. Please donate! It helps a ton! Thanks for reading this message, and please donate!!
  18. Guys.. the wait is over!!! The Event is Today!!
  19. ---The Wait is Over!! [READ]---
    Ok guys!! Please read this comment. The wait is over!! The Event is happening today! If you forgot WHERE it is, please reread the "Where" Section on the Thread. Same if you forgot the time, reread the "Time" Section. Also, do note I'm hosting this at EMC Time. Not BST. Also, please reframe from Bumping this event, I think it's a tad rude to make people feel bad. Also, this is supposed to be a big event! If I have to cancel it, I'll leave down in the comments section. (The Section you're reading this from.) More, or less, I may have BlinkyBinky give you a secret tour of my Mega Mall if you come! It was reset, again. I had a bigger, better idea. So, it's at SMP2, and /v +HKRoMM. More Info. at my Res. Anyways, Hope you come <3.
  20. I dont get how someone giving you money for nothing is rude, yes its a small amount but every little counts ;)
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