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  1. I sell many items at competitive prices, which include:
    • redstone, pistons, repeaters, comparators
    • minecart tracks
    • food, beds, chests, ender chests, torches
    • mob heads
    • dye
    • enchanted books
    • enchanted diamond tools
    • glass, stained glass
    • stone, stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks, mossy cobblestone
    • soul sand, nether wart
    • Ores: quartz, emerald, diamond, iron, redstone, and lapis lazuli
    • Wood: oak, jungle, and birch
    • oak leaves, dead bush, vine, cactus
    • obsidian
    • diamonds, emeralds, and gold
    I hope to see you in smp8 at /v +market!
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  2. New sections in my shop:
    • On the back wall, now I sell vault and stable vouchers, and iron, gold and diamond supporter vouchers.
    • At the center of my shop, there are weekly specials of full SC of items at discount prices.
    • Make money by trading with villagers in my shop and sell me the emeralds.
    • Now buying farmer crops and flowers.
  3. Been there... nice place
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