French Imports Mega Mall

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  1. At the moment i am trying to build a new Mega mall on Smp2!!!

    IF possibe to anyone on here, i need donations or help..

    the Donations can be building supplies or Rupees.

    I need Stone Bricks, Glass, Glowstone and pine planks.

    If you donate, you will be on the Great Wall of French Imports Mega Mall!!!!!

    Please Help Out If You Can, This WIll Mean A Bunch To Me and all of Smp 2!!!

    it will also be a Hotel/ apparment complex at the top, with a pool

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  2. It's looking great so far.
  3. Looks awesome :) But I dont have any rupees to donate I already have a big project :(
  4. thank you, its still in alot of work. It is about 30% done over-all, the Mega Mall part is about 70% done
  5. But I could donate some materials :)
  6. in the future if you can will be very great and generious
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  7. that will be very good if you can
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  8. BTW whats the res Number
  9. 3041 on Smp2!!!! i will be back on in about 30 minutes ( gotta clean my room )
  10. the res might be on lockdown, i will remove it when im on
  11. ill send a message on here, to let you know when im back on
  12. K I'll prob be on later or tomorow
  13. Soz I forgot but im going on now
  14. I donated some money hope it helps :D
  15. This is off topic slightly but

    The colors on Great Wall go BlueWhiteRed, your signature colors for AirFrance go BlueRedWhite. Is that a mistake or do I win a prize for noticing? :p