French Flag Map or Banner

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  1. I want one anyone handing them out or selling them?
  2. Omg!!!!! I ment to put flag in the title im so sorry if it offends any one!!!!!
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  3. Dying.
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  4. Also I believe that these are sold in the flag shop in town spawns.
  5. I don't think the French flag has been added yet, smp4 does have a player that sells them but only by request and I forgot their name.
  6. I need smp1 if its a map
  7. I believe Azaka7 is for free at their res. :)

    edit: lol banners that is :p
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  8. You can use one part of the Netherlands flag sold in /town and turn it in the item frame, to make it look like a French flag. :p
  9. i was thinking about that but i didnt want to cause any disrespect