Freez only in my residence

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  1. Hi all, i play on smp9 and my res is at 18873.
    Since Friday i have a problem only in my residence, in the other residence and in the rest of the world i have no problem.
    When i'm in my residence frequently the game freeze for a few second, i've asked my friends to visit me ad they have encountered my same problem, this freeze happen only in my residence.

    Someone can help me?


    P.s.: sorry if my english is not properly correct :rolleyes:
  2. Do you have shittons of chickens? Or alot of redstone stuff?
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  3. If you have many animals on your residence it would lag.... If you visit the puzzle pyrimid from Dreamytje and Belugh it would lag to. Because of al the redstone :)
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  4. I couldn't open the doors, so I couldn't look around.

    Do you have a large number of animals? That can cause lag.

    Are you using a modified version of minecraft - ie, any "mods"?

    Are you using the standard textures?

    A few seconds freeze sounds like lag. It may be something you'll have to put up with.

    You could try tweaking the options in minecraft - reduce the render distance, turn down the quality settings, etc.
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  5. I didn't install any mod and texture pack for minecraft.
    I've built a sky-island for the animals and i've a few chickens (20-30 chickens) .
    My game freeze when i'm under my house in the shop...
    Also i've build and automatic harvest for wheat (5 block upon the bedrock, there is al lot of distance from the harvest and the shop), there is a redstone circuit active.
    So i think it's that circuit to cause freeze.

    Edit: i've removed all the redstone circuit but the problem is still