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  1. As some of you may or may not know, Millbeeful is the channel of a great mindcracker, gamer, and is very hilarious to watch. But, his channel got terminated today, roughly 5 hours ago. Save the colorful sheep... #FreeMillbee
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  2. Why was it terminated?
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  3. A minor issue of copyright.
  4. Wut? Millbee! YYYYYYYYTY
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  5. This is like the 15th time youtube has suspended a channel for a very small reason. It even happened to the yogscast before.
  6. He is leik my third favorite Mindcracker! Next to Etho and Bdubs
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  7. So uh.. wut do we do to get him FREEEEE?
  8. Well even though it may seem minor, copyright issues are big and they could get sued for a ton :(
  9. I think it was just a shirt or something in the video...
  10. Wut...
  11. YouTube is strict with what they allow, and what they do not.. I hope he gets it sorted out.
  12. Sounds like what happened to CaptainSparklez' "Gangnam Style" parody.
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  13. Even if they are strict, a warning and removing the video is all they should have done. If it really was that short of a segment, it was clearly a mistake. And considering they let people post videos of videogame nudity, you would think that this half second issue would have just been a flag/warning....
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  15. Shutaupa.
  16. I signed it, but i remember petitions being on pieces of paper.:confused:
  17. I remember back in my freshman year I made a petition for my math teacher (He's quite chubby) for him to lose 500 pounds (He's obviously around 250 because we weight lift together) and I got almost half the highschool to sign it. *Respect earned*

    It was only for a joke, and he put it up on his wall in his room, and people continuously signed it, with random names too.

    He knows we are jokers, we're good friends and we carries kids around in class and makes "victory laps". He's the best teacher ever, and my nickname is "snake in tha grass". hehe.