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  1. Wanna see what freedom looks like?!?!?


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  2. omg... thats looks deadly... sorry for the person its aiming at :p
  3. HALO! I just got the ODST DLC for Master Chief_collection. Just sayin.
  5. I am legitimately scared right now. :eek:
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  6. That's what we call Murica

    It's more like "This is what the gov does with our tax money"
  7. Why feel sorry? The person they are aiming at is most likely apart of a massive terrorist organization, and the person was probably planning to do a way more damage than that gun can do to innocent citizens.
  8. Freedom - the responsibility of having the choice to make the right decision. xD
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  9. Im getting one of those if the zombie apocalypse were to happen.
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  10. Its meant to be a funny little thing, like when your friend graduates from Drivers Ed and your like " I feel bad for any1 he meets on the road " :p
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  11. They aren't aiming at anyone at all, and it's made using 100% private funds (maybe aquired from government contracts, but for different services). The weapon isn't fielded yet (as far as i know), and is just a concept made by General Dynamics.

    Honestly, it seems like a marketing ploy. If the M2 or the M134 can't get the job done, you don't mix the two together.

    You call tac air and make a parking lot.
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  12. I wanted to insert a hilarious picture. It wouldn't work, and I got lazy. So imagine this. We have the right to arm bears. Then a bear with an AK-47.
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  13. I'd get that, and a bus.
  14. I'm 90% sure I know the picture you're talking about.
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