freedom tower build

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  1. hey guys i decide i will build the freedom tower today since yesterday i saw the 9/11 memorial and the freedom tower so i'm ask for donations for the tower i need glass and sandstone you can give me rupees to if you if you would like thanks for reading this
  2. what server because im already going to build it out of iron blocks and glass panes on smp2
    do not attempt to build it on that server!
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  4. you can't really stop him from building as long as it isn't 100% exactly the same there isn't anything you can do about it
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  5. i actually am going to build the old WTC as a memorial on smp2 so disregard everything after the first post
  6. wait are you going to build the twin towers or the 1776 floor freedom tower
  7. I believe Windylava has already been working on this for the past month on smp2
  8. ok didn't see the last post for you king
  9. i didn't see and thing of the twin towers
  10. Ive decided to cancel the WTC construction. Funds have come in for me and I have resumed construction on the Palace Hotel