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  1. I have a villager trading post with over 180 villagers for use for free at 5174 on Utopia. It is currently spread over 3 floors and I am adding more to get more villagers in. There are chests set up for donation if you like what i have done. Donations will help me keep building.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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  2. Yes finally A nice trading post Thank you!!!
  3. Awesome!
  4. you can't use it
  5. just used it. Awesome! Thanks!
  6. And why not?
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  7. No! You cant use it. :p
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  8. That's a common misconception... Free players can go to Utopia Town, just not the wild or nether.
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  9. Exactly.
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  10. Forgot to say in the OP, I will rotate the villagers when they start giving bad deals. Also the plan is to have each floor with villagers by occupation when u get the time.
  11. Very good trading post. Keep the Glowstone guy there if you decide to rotate. 1 Emerald is definitely worth 3 glowstone.
  12. They only offer the same trade a handfull of times, if you find one with a good deal trade in large quantities before they switch.
  13. Your trading post is awesome! Def making my auto wheat farm worth it!
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  14. Glad you like it :)
  15. Why is the villagers gone?
  16. Yeah, he left EMC a few days ago.