(FREE STUFF) The chest opening event

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Can you come?

Yes Gimme all the stuff 24 vote(s) 52.2%
No sorry I'm busy at that time 6 vote(s) 13.0%
I dont know, I will check my scheduele 10 vote(s) 21.7%
  1. Hey It's Electrobomb, and it was time for a clean out in my storage.
    My supportership runs out tomorrow and I have managed to reach 108k :D
    But otherwise, at 18893 on smp9 in my glass castle there are 160 chests in 8 rows.
    Each chest has something in it from dirt to food to potions to used weapons and armour.
    This will happen on Sunday 10:00 am GMT. (where I live, Colorado) that's 12:00 noon EST.
    Check it out beforehand, when it is time, I will give container perms to everyone.
    I will not do shoutouts to any other server than smp9, my home, and I will give warnings on this thread to :) Have FUN!
  2. Man it can't be any later I won't be able to make it
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  3. Ill Be there!
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  4. Oh by the way here's a picture of all the chests
    Also, I may have to change the time but I'm not sure, because of babysitting. It may be Saturday instead. But for now, it is still Sunday.
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  5. PLEASE MAKE IT SATURDAY!!! I cannot come on Sunday, as I will be on the black sand beaches of the big island. :p
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  6. make it some time no one is on
    Like thursday at 10 am(Tommorow morning :p)
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  7. I cant even do that XD I have swim team XD
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  8. YES PLEASE!!! 9am CT. FTW!!!
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  9. might as well do it now then
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  10. This is like 10pm for me! Finally something I can come to!!! Hopefully I won't forget!
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  11. Awwwww…

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  12. Can you do it tomorrow at noon?
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  13. Just to let everyone reassure themselves: It is at:
    12:00PM EST
    11:00AM Central
    10:00AM GMT
    9:00AM Pacific
    Sorry I'm not good with euro time, or any other place besides the USA :confused:
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  14. I cant wait. I need to stock up
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  15. BTW, IM not doing it tomorrow anytime sorry, or Friday. It will either be Saturday or Sunday
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    Noon plox.
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  17. Please saturday
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  18. Yeah, If it was Saturday Id have to make it later in the day, because my friend is having a sleepover friday night... it would be a 1-3 hour delay... idk
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  19. Yes that is better :)
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  20. Well that's just perfectly dandy.. Busy Friday through Monday so I can't make it.

    Good luck to all who will be attending.
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