[Free Stuff!] My 750th Day Free Stuff Giveaway

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  1. Hey guys, what's up?
    So, if you read the title, you know that I'm getting up to that 750-day mark. Pretty old, huh?
    I can't pass this day without celebrating, obviously!

    But something sucks...
    I probably won't be able to get on Minecraft, let alone Empire Minecraft, that day...
    I know. Boo to me.
    But I'll be somewhere doing stuff with my friends irl, so that's something, right?

    I know everyone wants free stuff for my special day...
    So in honor of my 750th day, I bring forth to thou:

    Where: my residence, 2634 (SMP1)
    What: Imma put a bunch of free stuff in dispensers, and if you step on the pressure plate, it'll give ya that stuff...
    When: May 5th, 2014
    Time: All day, pretty much!
    Other stuff:
    - Please don't step on the pressure plate more than 10 or so times! I know it'll be tempting, and I know some people are gonna do 11 times or something, but for you good people out there, I'd appreciate it if you limited yourself :)
    - Did I mention that it's free?
    - There will be random stuff in the dispensers, so don't judge me if you get dirt or something.
    - I CAN'T RESTOCK... I so sorry... but i'll try to put multiple dispensers, and also I'll put a bunch of stuff in that bunch of dispensers...
    - Also I may keep the stuff open to people the next day too, in case you didn't get any the first day (i'll restock)

    Thanks for making these 750 days AWESOME!
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  2. Cool, thx for the drop party and congrats on the 750th
  3. Congrats on 750 days! and thanks for the opportunity for free stuff! :D
  4. Woot woot! I am getting more free stuff! I got more than 2 stacks of diamonds in one dp.
  5. Congratz on the 750!
  6. thanks guys :) and im sooooooo sorry that I didn't have the droppers open today! ill open them for tomorrow and the next day to make it up... thanks for reading this thing!
  7. Thats great to hear!
  8. Thank you for the free items (don't worry I was good) and congratulations on your 750th XD
  9. no problem and thanks ;)

    And also, announcement: I'm not gonna lie... I really like spending a bunch of rupees for you guys, so I'm keeping the free stuff open until tomorrow, May 7th! BUT HURRY because first come, first serve and that's the last day. Also there may be horse saddles, horses, swords, diamonds, emeralds... all the good stuff... almost no junk... Hurry!