Free Slurpies all day

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  1. (I think this is only in america) But since the date is 7/11 theres free slurpies all day at 7 11. Thought i might let you guys know :rolleyes:
  2. :O thanks, going there now xP
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  3. I think I'll stop by 7-11 in a bit and grab one. :D
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  4. me too
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  5. Me three, but I went there, nothing....
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  6. ?
    Are you sure IPwnCreeps?
  7. Yeah theres just a cobble platform....
  8. Positive
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  9. not the res..
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  10. I should see of the 7 11 near me in AUS is giving them away!
  11. I know for a fact theyre doing this, I went there and got me some icey goodness
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  12. I'm going to get a Slurpie BRB!
  14. It might be one of those "Participation May Vary" things. If someone OWNS their own franchise and isn't leasing it, they can make their own decisions on participating in promos, etc.
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  15. Got a free slurpie!!!!
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  16. No 7/11's here. Sadness.
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  17. Really? Curses, I can't cause I got a tooth pulled yesterday. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  18. :(

    I know that feel bro.png
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  19. Come on Equinox_Boss, why'd you like that post? Do you like my pain? I would give it to you for free if I could. :p
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