[FREE RUPEES] Puzzles For Rupees

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  1. This is the official post where I'll post about contests for rupees.
    In case you're new here, I sometimes post weird, odd images with hidden messages. The person who decodes it first wins a reward. Simply post on the forums with what you think is the code, and I'll get back to you with either a "No", or a "Yes, you won". Just to be clear, all rewards are ONLY for the first person to find them.

    Difficulty: Somewhere between Extremely Difficult and Insane for those who don't know what they're doing. If you have some ideas, it'll probably be somewhere between Medium and Slightly Hard.
    Reward: 6,000r
    Description: Find the hidden code within this image. Win some rupees. There's also an easter egg for 1000r for the first to find it - but the grand jewels are the 6k up for stakes.
    Current hints: "QRtyUIop", "EXIF", "Invert Square"

    Good luck!
  2. Reminds me of QR codes. Just throwing that out to all of you who have phones and stuff.
  3. Just so you guys don't waste your time - it's unscannable
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  4. lightning.
  5. This is either a million QR codes or a bunch of troll face embedded into QR code madness XD
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  6. no.
    This is not a million QR codes or troll faces. Try again :)
  7. Worldedit
    May death rain upon them

    -also; is the code one word, multiple words, not a word at all or a number?
  8. I see a lot of lightning and boxes on this.
  9. Well, I used lighting for the lines since it was fastest, but it's not the code.
    The code is multiple words that you will NEVER guess. Once you've cracked it, it'll specifically say "Congratulations, the code is blahblahblah".
  10. Is the code blahblahblah?
  11. A shocking discovery.
    [EDIT]: So far, what I also got out of this was "Subtle differences"
  12. Amazing! It... is not!
    Subtle differences? How did you get that? It's not correct, btw.
  13. I have no idea what i should be looking for :/
  14. uhhhhh
    owww my eyes hurt from looking at it!! lol
  15. Calling everyone who got the old one! Hint: EXIF
  16. The first hint is Qrtyuiop.
    Qrtyuiop is the top row of the QWERY keyboard.
    However, it's missing the letters WE.
    Just thought I'd throw that out there for others.
  17. Note on this hint: it ONLY applies to the easter egg. The easter egg may be found with this hint, while the main 6k prize (not the 1k prize) has NOTHING to do with EXIF.
  18. I got that because it looked like a lot of areas were copied over one direction and changed slightly.
  19. Well, sorry to disappoint - that's not the answer.
  20. ok this is too hard i need an easier one lol