Free room and board

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  1. I am supplying free beds, double chest, stove, and crafting table to anyone who wishes to have one on SMP5, residence 10974. the rooms are not separate, but if my client-tell grows, I will build separate rooms for everyone. If you wish to claim one, just message me on here, or leave a reply here with the names, and I will post the required signs. Each chest right now comes with two stone pickaxes and swords, 1 stone shovel and axe, 8 bread, and 16 torches. The Stoves also come with 8 coal. I will try to keep these stocked, as well as maybe including other types of food (if you wish).
    I will NEVER ask for any payment for supplying these rooms. However, if you feel the urge to donate anything, I won't complain, but it is not necessary.
    An enchantment table is on site in the shop area (where you arrive upon teleporting).
  2. Good luck :)