Free res available to everyone

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  1. Ok on smp4 I have a free res, it is my second res. I do not use is so I gave everyone the build/container/move/ flags.
    *No griefing others creation
    *Dont open others peoples chest
    *I am not responsible for and thing that happens on the res

    Location: Smp4- /v 8641
  2. If someone could post the res number that would be great
  3. Like thats going to be followed on a open res....
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  4. yer lol...

    The res number is: 8641
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  5. We can only hope....
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  6. Nice idea but prepared to have complaints.
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  7. This is like the Wild.
    Griefing isn't allowed, but we still see it even on EMC. People are born to break rules, some urged to do it more than others.
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  8. Exactly but perhaps, just maybe, people will do the right thing!
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  9. Awww.jpg
  10. :oops:
  11. I have one word for you........spleef :D
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  12. This would be a great place for some public farms... and a great place for a mod to weed out troublemakers.
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  13. Seems awesome!
  14. Sorry but if someone, let's say, builds an illegal duplication device on your res you will be held responsible.
  15. Oh uhhh.... Maybe this wasn't a very good idea......
  16. Then just destroy it come and check it every day and see if you'll need to destroy something