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  1. I am having a giveaway on my plot this coming friday(7/17/15). I will be giving three lucky people three PROMO prizes each. To enter you will have to go to (/v 3665 or /v Azmaria) on smp2 and receive a book and quill from the machine or bring your own, then write anything that you want in the book and be sure to sign your name. After signing the book you will need to place it in the hopper. Please keep in mind, signing multiple books will not count and all duplicates will be removed. Be sure to tell your friends so they can sign up right away. Good luck to you all!
    Sami AKA Azmaria.
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  2. I've entered, thanks for giveaway.
  3. Done! Thanks for the giveaway.
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  4. :eek: cool
    I'll sign up tommorow
    Ty for the give away
  5. Tomorrow is the the giveaway so today is the last day to sign up! Midnight is when I am no longer taking submissions so be sure to get them all in and tell your friends. At the time of this post it is 11:05 PM.
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  6. Entered. Thanks :)
  7. Cool! Thanks for the giveaway! I' ll enter later, I'm too lazy to walk over to my computer...
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  8. *Slowly walks to computer* this is what happens when I am tired and can't read
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  9. Thank you for hosting this...
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  10. Three winners have been selected! The winners are Skaremanzer Luckycordel and Kiddkool785.
    Congrats to the winners!!! Please retrieve your winnings from my plot at /v 3665 on smp2.
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the event!
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  12. *Realizes i missed out* :(
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  13. I missed it too. I was going to but I fell asleep at my computer :(
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  15. Same We will be in time one day but not today