Free Month of XBL Gold & 2 Free XBL Games

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by IcecreamCow, May 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    I was just told of a cool way to score two free XBL arcade games. Just follow the following steps:

    1. Have or make an XBL Silver Account.
    2. Play at lease one game with it (This could entail just starting a game up and then closing back to the dashboard).
    3. Sign up for a account and link your silver account to it. You should then receive a notification in your alerts allowing you to claim one free month of XBL Gold. You will need to connect a credit card or paypal to the new account on when doing this, but will not need to pay anything. This will activate you for auto-renewal as well, so be sure to disable that if you don't want to continue XBL Gold after this.
    4. After signing up to the free month of Gold, you'll be linked back to your account. They will verify that your account is now Gold and you can hit "Claim" to get your two free codes. The two games are: The Maw and R-Type Dimensions. You can use these codes on ANY gamertag, including your main, already Gold account, if you have one.
    I'm not sure how long this promotion is going, but it works as of this post. :)
  2. *Sells cake to buy an Xbox*
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