FREE HUGS! Only at 3600 While Supplies Last!

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  1. Hello. Welcome to FREE HUGS! Co.
    We sell free Hugs to who ever wants/needs one.
    Only at 3600 while supplies last!
    Simple AndrewGee Hug: 500 rupees

    Simple Demon Hug: 500 rupees
    Super Demon and AndrewGee Hug: 1,000 rupees
    Extreme Super Demon/Andrew Hug: 1,500 rupees
    Super Mega Awesome Extreme Fun Pack Of Hugs: 2,000 rupees
    Awesome Extreme Amazing Fluffy Cozy Mega Super AndrewGee Hug: 5,000r
    Awesome Extreme Amazing Fluffy Cozy Mega Super Demon Hug: 5,000r

    And of course knowing me you know this doesnt make sense!

    Also, When you buy any Hug you will get a certification signed by me or Andrew!

    Buy them NOW! (Im watching you)

    If you purchase a Hug of any sort you will get a book of Hugs signed by me or Andrew!
    2013-12-16_21.15.53.png 2013-12-16_21.16.12.png
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  2. Your free hugs seem kind of expensive...
  3. "Free"
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  4. Uhm did you beta test this system?
  5. "And of course knowing me you know this doesnt make sense!"
    We already have happy people coming for hugs
  6. Why would you pay for hugs!

    When you have them advertised for " Free ".??
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  7. ..... that is all... good nigt
  8. Because. People will want them free, come and then find out that they have to pay. Since our hugs are so awesome, they will pay any amount. #GoodBuisness
  9. But, your giving a false advertisement. :/
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  10. Disclaimer: Free hugs are not acctually free. With agreeing to a free hug immediately after you will be charged 1000000r for a hug. On content of first hug you will be injected with high amounts of nicotine to make you have more hugs. All funds are controlled by Aikar and Umbrella Corp LLC. Side affects of free hugs may include camel's tongue, Aikar Time, and Melon fever. And no, the following illnesses are not covered under aikarcare. Free hugs are currently under the investigation by the FDIC for loaning sharks and using corrupt stocks to sell imitation hugs. You are not legally obligated to blame aikar for any complaints or issues so blame Obama
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  11. Please. In America, what isn't false advertising?
  12. Ahem. Starlis LLC. ;) :p
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  13. Ladies Please.
    Lol. It is a joke... But not really also because we ARE selling hugs! Just at a big price so they worth a lot and you get a signed book by me or andrew!
    2013-12-16_22.06.40.png 2013-12-16_22.12.11.png 2013-12-16_22.12.16.png
  14. Thank you MrUnknowian for buying the 2,000 rupee hug.
    Also thanks Zach for the 1.5k one ;)

  15. MUST BUY>_<
    But what smp...?
  16. Smp2!
  17. I got a 2k hug from them because YOLO :/. It was good service and it was fun :p.
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