Free Horse Breeding for everyone!

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  1. Hey All!

    I have a couple 134 speed horses, but I don't do much with them at all. I want to give everyone an opportunity to breed them and try to get some good ones! :D The residence I keep them on is
    5460 on Utopia. You can reach the residence by typing: /v 5460, /v +horse, or /v +breed. As of now, the horses I have spawned on the residence are:

    Several 130s
    Several 131s
    Two 132s
    Two 133s

    If anyone else wants to participate in having a horse on the residence for everyone to breed, just send me a pm. It is awesome for anyone willing to loan a 132 or higher speed to the residence. If you want to, I would give you temporary build flag, and let you tame the horse so that you have full authority over it. Once you tame it, you can take it off the res any time you want. (just send me another pm letting me know so that I know i didn't loose the horse :p )

    Comment if you get any good ones! :D
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  2. I just added a couple more horses. Added a 132, five 131s, and a 130. :)
  3. Added a gray 133, two black 131s, and two 130s. :)
  4. Bump, also some 100 speed donkeys there
  5. Dang dude, that's very kind of you. Is that your res your letting people breed on?
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  6. Yes :)
  7. I'm starting something new on the same residence! :) Since it may be hard to get 130+, I have set up a chest at the res spawn. Every few days, there will be a free 129 speed! This will give you the opportunity to get a decent one :) Every once in a while though, I will throw in a 130 ;)
  8. Are you selling this 136 speed on your signature?
  9. Nope :p
  10. I got a DC of hay bales, i'm ready to breed :)
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  11. I'm pretty sure hay bales can't be used to breed horses, you should try golden carrots.
  12. Oh, my bad ;-;
  13. It's all good! If you can get plenty of gold you can probably find someone with a ton of carrots :)
  14. I can give you a stack to get started. Going to mail it now :)
  15. I do the same service at my 3rd res, 2113. You should stop by sometime to see it ^_^ you can choose between breeding : donkeys, mules, higher stats on speed horses and higher stats in jumpers also. When I can I'll swing by and drop some horses off for you too.
  16. Nice! Thanks so much! :)
  17. Ok, so instead of just giving the 129s out for free, I am going to sell them for 1r. That way, I can see who took them, and put their name in a raffle for a prize at the end of the month or two. The prize will probably be a 132 or 133 speed :)
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  18. Just added another 134 :) That makes six total 134s and three pairs of 134s. I also know that there are some of you out there who like breeding the slow horses, so I added a 55 speed and a 56 speed in one of the stables. Hope everyone's breeding is well. :D
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