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  1. First person to post the first correct number (between 1 and 25) wins their choice in games (or the rupees).
    Second also does, of the remaining games.
    Third gets the last game.
    Fourth gets 10k.
    Numbers chosen with

    They're Origin keys, and the games are Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Mass Effect 2 and Mirror's Edge

    Each person gets to choose one number, no alts.
    PICK HERE (Click)
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  2. If I guess first can I just pick 10k lol?
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  3. Sure, why not.
    The idea is I got 3 random numbers, one after the other. If you pick the third number; third prize etc.
    First is Mirror's Edge, and second is burnout. Third is 10k.
    Although I suppose if you picked one of the other numbers you could swap it for the 10k one.
  4. Also, how is this going to go down?
    Do we wait for 25 people to pick a number each or can I jut guess every number?
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  5. Updated OP
  6. Alright then, 22
    Sent on the form.
  7. Wait, let me fix it so you can't use the process of elimination... I'll redo the numbers and you all can repick. Delete your posts for now if you would.
  8. Deleted mah post, ill edit this one with whatever u do :p
  9. Everybody go to the OP, use the link to pick your number
  10. First place has been won by RainbowChin, with the number 23.
    So I guess you get to pick your prize.
  11. I just now, a few seconds ago sent my number, lol
  12. You guys are doing it wrong. Pick a number at the top at the link.
  13. I did do that but it was 1 minute after you post 1st place, am I still entered for 2nd and 3rd?
  14. Yes, everybody is still entered for the games. RainbowChin claimed the rupees, so the games are still up for grabs in 2-4th place!
  15. *sigh* did you even read the op
  16. Yes i read the op
  17. I already guessed 7 at the site also I just want the 10k D:
  18. Then you should have seen that you have to go to the link and pick a number, so I guess not.
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