Free for all Diamond Lot

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iSmooch, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. ok... i went to utopia today.. looked at my lot... and just couldnt think of one thing to build. so i came up with this idea.

    I am just going to open my lot up to the entire community.

    I know someone was talking about creating a community lot on utopia.

    But it hasnt happened and i figured what good is 120*120 blocks of space if it does not get used?

    so i am opening my utopia res to the public.

    Keep in mind, this is not a permanent thing unless some kind of neat community forms. Its only for about a month or so while i think about some to make. Everyone will have due warning before i reset the lot. I am putting this same message out on the servers for those who do not utilize the forums.

    Lot 5025... create and enjoy.
  2. ...I don't know why, but this thread made me think up a parody song...
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  3. lol... ok?
  4. I'm an odd person.
  5. How do you open it up to everyone?
  6. /res set build true
    /res set container true
    /res set use true

    That would pretty much make it like the Wilderness.
  7. yup yup! for some reason i was paying attention and was getting angry for a steady half hour at my commands like "why arent you working?!" then i realized i was using the *pset (which i guess is for player set?) instead of *set command. to easy after i realized what i was doing wrong tho.
  8. Yup set is global and pset is for one player. Also pset will override set. So say you have your lot open with set build true but one person is causing trouble, you could pset player build false and it would prevent them from building anymore (while leaving it open for everyone else).
  9. sounds like a fun :p I could go get like 5 stacks of iron and gold, ect ores and put them in my lot hidden :3 like a public safe mine at town :D